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Roman Republican Coins and Books by Andrew McCabe
NEW: Guide to the Anonymous Victoriatus by Kenneth Friedman and Richard Schaefer; Steve Brinkman web-editor

90/2 #9835-33 Anonymous Jupiter Victory trophy Victoriatus 96/1 #0707-32 Anonymous incuse Spain Scipio Africanus Jupiter Victory trophy Victoriatus 166/1 Victoriatus Anonymous Jupiter Victory trophy #11114-25

NEW: Library of Roman Republican Numismatics and Ancient History An Illustrated Guide

Library of Roman Republican Numismatics and History, Panoramic View

NEW: Auction Catalogues of Roman Republican Coins before 1970 based on the Library of RBW

Morcom Hands 2

February 2014 Anonymous Struck Bronze Coins of the Roman Republic
January 2013 New home page, and Crawford RRC-based illustrated catalogue

Principal Coins of the Roman Republic
Ahala Collection, arranged by M.H. Crawford's Roman Republican Coinage

035-01-0107-280-Janus-Prow As

44/4 anonymous 20 As, Mars Eagle, AM#0965-14, 10mm, 1g36

470/1c CN.MAGNVS M.MINAT SABIN Pompey the Great, the cities of Baetica and Tarracco crown a Pompeian soldier, Denarius. Spain 46-45BC. AM#03138-34

Part 1           RRC 1 to RRC 27     300-225BC Early Roman Coinage
Part 2         RRC 28 to RRC 43     230-213BC Quadrigatus coinage
Part 3         RRC 44 to RRC 66     214-207BC Italy Sardinia
Part 4         RRC 67 to RRC 96     212-207BC Sicily Apulia
Part 5       RRC 97 to RRC 111     212-207BC Luceria Etruria
Part 6     RRC 112 to RRC 138     206-190BC Conquest of Spain
Part 7     RRC 139 to RRC 172     190-170BC Macedonian wars
Part 8     RRC 173 to RRC 198     170-155BC Bronze-only currency
Part 9     RRC 199 to RRC 235     155-137BC Carthage, Greece
Part 10   RRC 236 to RRC 279     137-121BC The Gracchi brothers
Part 11   RRC 280 to RRC 335     120-93BC Scaurus, rise of Marius
Part 12   RRC 336 to RRC 358     92-83BC Social War, rise of Sulla
Part 13   RRC 359 to RRC 404     83-70BC Sulla's dominance
Part 14   RRC 405 to RRC 439     69-50BC First Triumvirate
Part 15   RRC 440 to RRC 462     49-46BC Caesar versus Pompey
Part 16   RRC 463 to RRC 482     46-44BC Julius Caesar as Dictator
Part 17   RRC 483 to RRC 497     43-41BC Second Triumvirate
Part 18   RRC 498 to RRC 515     43-42BC Brutus and Cassius
Part 19   RRC 516 to RRC 543     41-32BC Antony versus Octavian
Part 20   RRC 544 to RRC 550     35-27BC Actium

024-04-0106-140-Roma-Wheel Bull Wheel Semis

460/4 #0232-38 SCIPIO IMP CRASSVS Lion headed genius of Africa Victory Denarius

Specialist Supplements:
1. Roman Coins of Luceria and Canusium
2. Anonymous Struck Bronze Coins of the Roman Republic
3. Anonymous Roman Republican Denarii (Steve Brinkman and Pierluigi Debernardi)
4. Anonymous Roman Republican Victoriati (Kenneth Friedman and Richard Schaefer)

This is an educational site about Roman Republican coins and related books, and this page provides links to over two thousand coins, illustrated and described, including a complete history of Roman Republican Coinage,, and links to webpages where you can read reviews of hundreds of books and articles about the coins and their history. From time to time I write commentary essays and all these are archived on my blog page. The latest commentary article is at the bottom of this home page. There are also many original short essays, some that take a detailed look at a coin series, and others that chart the development of coinage from the Roman kings through the end of the Roman Republic. Numismatic literature is the right word for the books, but the spirit of this website aims for shorter words and a lighter approach. I wrote it just for fun, and comments about the books are subjective and my own opinion. If you have read something that I would like, or if you have a comment about this website, please contact me either via the yahoo group RROME or by clicking on any picture on this site and writing in the comment box, or by adding a comment in the box at the bottom of this page. If you would like to explore the complete content of this site please visit my homepage There is nothing for sale here. Happy reading!

Books and Literature about Roman Republican Coinage

Reviews and Commentary, regularly updated since 2004

443/1 #09192-39 CAESAR Julius Caesar Gaul mint 49BC Elephant snake Simpulum sprinkler axe apex Denarius

Sear-430  #0850-33 CAESAR COS VI Octavian Crocodile AEGYPTO CAPTA Denarius

RRC 508/4 Aureus Brutus, Cap of liberty two daggers EID MAR Ides of March. British Museum new long term loan (BM photo)
Catalogues: Crawford RRC, Grueber BMCRR, Sear Handbooks and HCRI
Updates to Crawford RRC
Coinage & Money CMRR, Sydenham, HN Italy, Thomsen ERC, RPC Provincial
Introductory Handbooks and Glossy Picture Books about RR coinage
Books about the relation between Coins and Roman Republican History
Antiquarian books about Roman Republican Coins and History
History books about the Roman Republicy
The Best Auction Catalogues and Museum Catalogues
Books on Coins and Archaeology
Books on the Coin Minting Process and Mint Management
Articles on Plated Coins, including MH Crawford's 'Plated Coins - False Coins'
Period-specific - 3rd century BC, Early Roman Coinage
Period-specific - 2nd century and early 1st century BC
Period-specific - Imperatorial coins, Woytek's 'Arma et Nummi' and redating
Woytek Survey Numismatic Research 2002-2007; Int'l Numismatic Congress
Crawford Surveys Numismatic Research 1966-1977; Edinburgh collection notes
Bibliographies, books about books, Numismatic History
Free numismatic books online, Digital Library Numis
Journals: Celater, Numismatic Chronicle, American Numismatic Society
Books on Roman Provincial Coins and Imitative Coins
Books about Roman Republican Bronze Coins, 215BC to 150BC
HN Italy-415 #0857-38 Social War Italia left Eight soldiers boy pig oath scene Denarius

480/17 #0637-32 M.METTIVS Julius Caesar Venus victory Denarius

63BC 414/1 #0928-39 L.FVRI CN.F. BROCCHI Ceres wheat barley Curule chair Denarius

Direct link to Reviews of Better Known Books, Alphabetical by Author

Research Articles on Roman Republican Numismatics

Original Material, written for this website, or adapted and republished from earlier publications

509/5 Cornuficia Denarius Q.CORNVFICI AVGVR IMP. head Ceres or Tanit, Cornuficius crowned by Juno Sospita. Utica 42BC. AM#09158-42

01/1 ROMAION ??????? Litra. Apollo, Forepart man-headed bull. The FIRST Roman Coin minted in Naples, 326BC

96/1 #0707-32 Anonymous incuse Spain Scipio Africanus Jupiter Victory trophy Victoriatus
M.H. Crawford, Notes on Roman Republican coin types, Edinburgh coll.
The First Punic War and the Corvus on Roman Republican Bronzes
Fleet Coinage of Mark Antony, with Atratinus, Capito and Bibulus
Plated Coins - False Coins by M.H. Crawford and related articles
Campania: Art, Architecture and Coins
Early Money under the Kings of Rome
Triage for Coins: Reading Hoards and Coin Accumulations
Paean to a Coin Collector: BCD
Arrangements of Early Roman Coinage
Grueber’s footnotes: ΡΩΜΑΙΩΝ and Scarpus
Postsemilibral bronzes and the date of the Denarius
Michael Crawford, notes to the Edinburgh collection.
New Roman Republican coins published by the Goodman collection
Aemilii Lepidi and Adoptions, Mark Passehl
On the Concept of Rarity, and the Rarest Roman Republican Coins
Mesagne hoard and its dating implications
Morgantina, the Coins, T.V. Buttrey
The Upchurch Hoard
The Pietas Denarii of Sextus Pompey, T.V. Buttrey
Al Marco adjustment of denarius weights, Clive Stannard
Quintus Cornuficius, Phil Davis
Dacian Imitations, Phil Davis
Lampsacus and Parium, a tale of twin cities
Roman Coins of Luceria L, RRC 43
Roman Coins of Luceria L, RRC 97
Roman Coins of Luceria LT, RRC 98
Roman Coins of Luceria P, RRC 99
Roman Coins of Canusium CA, RRC 100
Anonymous Struck Bronze Coins of the Roman Republic
Anonymous Roman Republican Denarii and Victoriati (Steve Brinkman's site)
524/2 #0925-36 Q.LABIENVS Labienus Parthian horse Denarius

56/2 Janus Prow As g 38g36 #09160-38

HN Italy-427 Bacchus, Bull goring wolf Social War two denarii from Corfinium of C.Papius Mutilis on display in the British Museum

My Coin Photo-Sets on Flickr

For some time I have directed people interested in coin pictures to a text list of coin sets on this website. Experience has shown that a direct entry to the Flickr site is preferred, and I think it is best to invite visitors to the the entry page for my collections on Flickr; a picture of this site is shown below - which can be clicked to directly enter the picture site:

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I invite all to enjoy this new photo presentation, which complements the Crawford-RRC arrangement described at the top of this home-page!

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